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void property protection / inspection

Void or vacant property inspections are used when a commercial property is left empty for a period of time.

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Do I need Void Property Inspections?

Many companies use void property inspections for the following reasons;

Insurance Requirements

Many insurers insist on the property being visited a minimum of once a week whilst the property is empty as part of your policy.

To Ensure the Property is in a Marketable Condition

When a property lays empty over a period of time, it becomes vulnerable to vandalism and break-ins.

Meter Readings

As part of the visit our officers can record any information you require such as gas and electric meter readings via their PDA, they can also complete an agreed electronic template form and add pictures if needed.

Maintain Security of the Property

When a property is known to be empty it becomes a target for squatters and thieves, with metal theft a huge problem for the vacant property market.