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mobile patrols

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Mobile Patrols act as a visual deterrent against crime and vandalism. A 247 Security branded patrol vehicle will arrive at your premises and carry out external patrols of your building on foot or in the vehicle.

Mobile Patrols are ideal for SME’s or a large business looking to save money on their security provision.

Do I need Mobile Patrols?

Many companies use mobile patrols for the following reasons;

Visual Deterrent

Mobile patrols deter criminals from carrying out crime on your premises. Although the criminal may still commit a crime, mobile patrols displace them to an area where there is less risk of being caught.

Prevent Criminal Damage/Theft

24-7 Security carry out mobile patrols at random intervals so that anyone watching the premises will not know when the officer is due to come back.

When used in conjunction with an alarm response service, mobile patrols ensure that an officer is always in the area and should an alarm activate, it won’t take long for an officer to arrive and won’t allow an intruder time to access and take anything from your premises.

Reduction in Manned Security

Mobile patrols are a cost effective way of protecting your premises and can either reduce the number of security officers required or remove the requirement entirely.